BluePrint Minnesota (BPM) is a gathering of Public and Private Infrastructure leaders that are focused on one specific goal:

“Work with Twin Cities Public Television to produce a Documentary Film About Minnesota’s Critical Water Infrastructure.”

The name of this Documentary is entitled “Liquid Assets: MN” and will give Minnesotan’s a behind the scenes look at the critical water infrastructure that supports our way of life in the land of 10,000 Lakes:

Drinking water



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History has shown us time and again that a successful City and State owe their economic prosperity, public safety, and high quality of life to the infrastructure that serves them every day.

The primary mission is to develop a documentary that will introduce Minnesota residents to their Infrastructure, discuss conditions of that infrastructure and finally, how best to move forward.


1. Increase Local and State leadership in

2. Promote sustainability and

3.Develop regional, state and local
infrastructure plans;

4. Address life cycle costs and ongoing

5. Increase and improve infrastructure
investment from all stakeholders.

UPDATE:  December 2011.

The documentary “Liquid Assets MN” is complete. We’re done!

18 months in the making, 100s of hours invested by our partner team, 25 critical sponsorships, 12 Minnesota Cities, 31 conversations and 3 VERY important infrastructures!

That’s what it took to complete this MASSIVE project …