Sponsorship is EASY!

Just choose a funding level (below) and then click on any link that says: “Give MN Infrastructure a Voice TODAY!”

Okay, Here are the sponsorship levels:

LEVEL I: [Monster Pipe] 5,000 or greater
Want to take your Brand to the next level while also helping Minnesota gain an appreciation for the critical role that our water infrastructure plays in protecting public health and promoting economic prosperity?

Or, maybe you do not care about any of that and just want to be part of producing a documentary with one of the most trusted names in media–TPT!

What ever your reasons, here is what you get:

-Your Company Name, Logo and Slogan with a voiceover … at the top AND Bottom of the Documentary!

-Your Company Name and Logo will follow BlueprintMN.com as we fundraise/educate and shoot this most important documentary on Critical Water Infrastructure (ex; guaranteed logo and link in BlueprintMN.com front-page sidebar)

-Your profile on the “Sponsor” page of BlueprintMN.com

LEVEL II: [Big Pipe] 2,000 to 4,999

If you agree it’s time for a change; but would also like to let folks know you play a role in making Minnesota infrastructure happen, this option is for you!

Here is what you get:

-Credits at the beginning of Documentary: Voice Over with simple text

Note: Depending on time and participation credit at the end of show is also a possibility

-Your company name, logo and short bio will be listed on the BlueprintMN.com “Sponsor” page

Level III: [Small Pipe] 500-1,999

By far our most popular sponsorship level … because…. well … hey…. times are tough right now!

But don’t be fooled. A small investment goes a long way in raising infrastructure awareness ESPECIALLY when you consider how many of us are out there making Minnesota Infrastructure happen.

Besides, most of these folks are not interested in the marketing or exposure aspects–they just know that raising awareness is the most direct route to Stimulating MNs economy, Ensuring Public Health, and Protecting our States most treasured resource– WATER!

You have to admit though (besides doing the right thing for Minnesota) this option has a lot of bang for the buck when you consider that your name will be included with every broadcast, on-demand web stream and DVD distribution!

Here is what you get:

-Typed credits shown at beginning and/or end of show depending on time and participation.

– Your company name, logo and short bio will be listed on BlueprintMN.com “Sponsor” page.

Now … Go ahead, put your best foot forward and join our Statewide crusade to raise infrastructure IQ.

“Give MN Infrastructure a Voice TODAY!”

PS; All of the above are the only things we could officially guarantee–there could be MORE!

PPS; Remember, it does not matter if you are a planner/engineer/contractor/re-hab specialist/governing body/city/county/state/regulatory body/politician/taxpayer  …… OR WHATEVER! Because it is going to take ALL of us TOGETHER to keep Minnesota Infrastructure Healthy, Vital and Strong!

“Give MN Infrastructure a Voice TODAY!”