Liquid Assets MN DVD


Great News …

DVD production is finished!


Several thousand copies of the DVD are being mailed out in chunks to a … VERY … large list of  MN Cities/Communities/Townships/Water Wastewater treatment plants/MN Legislators/Cable TV outlets …  and MORE!

If you did not receive your copy of the DVD don’t sweat it.

In a moment we will tell you how to get your hands on your very own copy.

But first …

We want you to take a long hard look at the sponsors in the right hand column who made this Documentary and DVD outreach initiative possible.

Each of these sponsors … NEVER ONCE … made demands; or asked, “What’s in it for me?”

Matter of fact …. if they did make demands … and ask, “What’s in it for me?” (because the nature of non-profit Public TV) we had to quietly let them go.

It is thru the generosity and trust  … of each of these sponsors  … combined with several hundred volunteer hours donated by your partner team … that made this Documentary and subsequent DVD possible.

Which BTW …

Continues to air all over the Midwest, is still garnering national attention and receiving awards … AND … was recently nominated for a regional Emmy!

Oh, and let’s not forget the other superstars in this MASSIVE campaign to raise infrastructure IQ …


That’s right …

Wether you helped spread the word (our primary marketing tool) or you were one of the many Engineers, Planners, Managers, Council Members, Regulators and Frontline workers who dropped what they were doing and talked to TPT cameras about Minnesota’s Critical Water Infrastructure. We could not have done it with-out you!

Thank-you ALL!

How to get your Copy of  Liquid Assets MN:

If you don’t already own a copy of  “Liquid Assets MN” your partner team and sponsors have made arrangements to see that you DO get one!

Here’s the deal …

SEH (Short Elliot Hendrickson) has kindly agreed to not only store the DVDs; but also process and ship DVD requests from their office!

All you have to do is:

1. Email Carol Gelley at and ask for a copy of Liquid Assets MN DVD.

2. Include your name, title, organization, phone, address and email

And finally …

3. A short description of what you will be using it for

Note: First come, first serve. One DVD per customer. More copies are available to those communities that are implementing outreach initiatives. Vendors, Sponsors and Partners that pre-ordered their DVDs in bulk  … will be shipped sometime in the first half of July

-andrew sullivan

PS; All sorts of uses for this DVD!

1. Show it to your crew to revitalize your mission while affirming the important role you play in Public Health, the economy and the environment

2. Show it to your City Hall or City Council so they can understand the issues your City faces maintaining these precious underground assets

3. Bring it to your local cable access station to help get the message to your customers

4. Hold a special event and show the entire DVD; or maybe just show the 11 minute overview to help facilitate intelligent discussions on your cities critical water infrastructure

5. Put links on your website to the 11 minute Overview and/or to the TPT online video vault where you can watch the entire documentary on your computer

Your choice!