We are on the hunt for anything and everything that will help this documentary be as successful as it can be.

SO …

If you have a particular talent … that will help us market, build brand and/or communicate our message … well … then … be a friend and let us know!


Here are some friends of BlueprintMN who have donated their time, expertise and materials:

Ben Peters

BlueprintMN Logo (Ben is also doing our 3D animation)

Valley-Rich Construction

Pictures of emergency repairs made on Minnesota’s Aging Water & Sewer Infrastructure.

(click on any picture to see all 42 )

BlueprintMN's Minnesota: Sewer & Water Infrastructure photoset BlueprintMN’s Minnesota: Sewer & Water Infrastructure photoset


We were looking for some retro (PSA style) water snippets. After all but giving up, Shelley Tatum Kieran of offered up this entertaining video:

GOOD: Water