Exclusive: Liquid Assets MN now has a short overview video!


Well, you asked for it … AND … you got it!

What am I talking about?

A short companion video (5-10 minutes) to work in concert with the full length “Liquid Assets MN” Documentary.

A video that would: 

1. Quickly tell our MN water and sewer story in 5-10 minutes

2. Create enough curiosity to watch the full 56 minute doc

3. Convey the importance/marvel of our water and sewer infrastructure

4. Create a sense of urgency with-out being to doom and gloom

5. Be good enough (on its own) to help facilitate discussion (on the most basic level) at a group/council/town meeting etc;

6. To be included on the Master DVD- that will be reproduced and distributed through-out greater MN

Now …

That’s a pretty tall order considering the micro budget we are on … AND …  that we could only use existing footage!

No worries though  …

We had TPTs best (Jerry Lasko and Jeff Weihe) working with us 😉

They did not let us down!

Here is the link:



PS; DVD release coming soon! Stay tuned …

PPS; In the meantime, join us as we  build awareness about MNs critical water infrastructure. by sending this video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPdeOY22PzI&feature=channel  to your email list, posting on facebook and twitter etc; THANKS!

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