City of Goodhue MN: Changing of the Guard


Welders putting down one last bead before the hoist truck arrives

Pictures of MNs critical water infrastructure continue to stream in …

This last batch of pics is from the City of Goodhue MN which features their old water tower (1902)

While …

Their NEW water-tower (2011) is being erected right along side of it!

Some brave soul climbed the old water-tower to give everyone the view you see in that second & third pic …

Thank-you Goodhue MN!


PS;¬†Oh, and btw … Mark Agre and Ray McNamara had a video camera that day! Here’s the link to watch the video:

Workers stand ready to guide, set and weld the globe in place. Thank goodness for skilled Labor!




A change in the weather bumped up the set time--almost there!

















A new water-tower AND a new horizon for Goodhue MN!

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