Liquid Assets MN: Day 1 Shoot

We traveled to beautiful Battle Lake Minnesota today to begin filming Liquid Assets: MN …

And I can’t tell you how great it felt to finally meet everyone and then to finally see those cameras rolling!

You know …

I continue to be amazed at the level of support and enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone involved to make this project happen: subscribers, sponsors,  partner team members, TPT and now ALL the great people that continue to step up and share their stories and experiences managing MNs  critical water infrastructure. This is why I love Minnesota!

Take a look at this GREAT group we had for day #1:

  • TPT producer Jeff Weihe and award winning Videographer Mike Phillips who will  do ANYTHING for the perfect shot!
  • Ruth Hubbard and Frank Stuemke (MRWA) who showed up from nearby  Elbow Lake to lend a helping hand.
  • Battle Lake Public Works Director Steve Seufert, who put aside his normal  duties and got our camera crew on some of Battle Lakes Infrastructure (can’t wait to see their waste-water system, we spent a good deal of time there because of how interesting it was)

On Camera Guests included:

  • Battle Lake Treasurer and Clerk Wanda Berg Vorgert who talked about what it took to get Battle Lakes infrastructure back on track.
  • WCI President Nancy Straw who shared how nine counties got together and assembled a model study on water and sewer infrastructure to help their region survive and thrive!
  • Tony Deschane from Argyle Minnesota who gave a small town Council Member perspective on water sewer infrastrcture
  • Tony Sufranski who also drove in from Argyle and gave a Maintenance Operators perspective, including how his sewer bypass pumps did NOT run after a half inch of rain. He accredited this to a recent sewer main rehabilitation!

Tomorrow we head over to the town of Brandon Mn and then to Hoffman … Can’t wait!

Stayed tuned …







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