Day Two and Three: Brandon, Hoffman, Golden Valley and Eden Prairie MN

Day 2 brought us to Brandon MN where Mayor Doug Johnson showed us  what can be accomplished  when your community gets behind you AND you  utilize the hard won resources that are available to you.

The power of a  community never ceases to amaze  me!

Then we sat down with Ruth Hubbard of the Minnesota Rural Water  Association. Ruthie and  her  team play an integral role in Rural MN  helping small towns face the challenges of  compliance,  maintenance,  management and upgrade of their aging water and sewer systems.

Next stop was the City of Hoffman …

Truly amazing what they accomplished here in Hoffman. Utilities Superintendent  Ken Sanstead and the Town Clerk, Pat Lawson, took us thru their experiences dealing with a water and sewer system that was literally on it’s last leg! Their journey ended up with sewer main re-habs, a new water tower and a treatment plant.  It was not easy for them; but their hard work will help the environment, improve the local economy and most importantly protect public health!

And then finally, we finished up day #2 up with Dan Folsum of Design Tree  Engineering. We had heard the name Dan Folsum in this area many times-now we know why!

The following Monday was day #3:

Day 3 started in the Council Chambers of Golden Valley MN with Mayor Linda Loomis, Public Works Director Jeannine Clancy and Supervisor David Lemke. Golden Valley was one of the first Metro Cities in MN to step up and take on the growing problems related to I & I. We all know-to well- the serious political, economic and environmental repercussions of NOT effectively dealing with I & I.

We owe Cities like Golden Valley a debt of gratitude for sharing their story and forging the way!

Then it was off to Eden Prairie … My home town!

We sat down with Superintendent Rick Wahlen and AE2S Engineer Grant Myer and talked about how a City like Eden Prairie, who has most of its rapid growth behind them, can proactively plan for the healthy future of their Drinking Water, Wastewater and Storm Water utilities.

Our next trip will be to the Metropolitan Council on June 27th where we start shooting Day #4 …

Stay Tuned!


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