History Channel to Profile Minnesota Infrastructure Sunday Night

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An alert subscriber (below) just sent this FYI about Minnesota Infrastructure being on the history channel Sunday Night!

“I just saw an ad on the history channel for a new show that premiers Sunday night called Inspector America.  Its about a guy that goes around inspecting and documenting the crumbling infrastructure of America.  The first show is actually about Minnesota.  He is going to look at the 35w bridge and a reservoir.  There is a subtle, grass roots level, push to improve the infrastructure in this country, its nice to be a part of it.”


We did some more digging and found this:

America’s Wake-Up Call(Minneapolis/St. Paul.) The inspection of America begins as Timothy uncovers a famous collapse, a reservoir on the verge, and a bridge that could pose a serious danger. America, we can fix it! Timothy Galarnyk, an infrastructure safety inspector with over 35 years of experience, hosts.

And this:

(from History’s press release, April 2011) New York, New York – America has one of the greatest infrastructures in history. Roadways, dams, tunnels and bridges were built to last. But over the decades, the infrastructure that helped our country grow hasn’t kept up with the times – from underground sewers built during the Gold Rush to highways designed for 1925 traffic. Now, HISTORY sets out to inspect the country to see what is up to code and what needs to be fixed. Timothy Galarnyk, an infrastructure safety inspector with over 35 years of experience, hosts INSPECTOR AMERICA, a new one-hour series premiering Sunday, April 17 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY. Galarnyk’s initial sweep takes him to six American locations that have infrastructure challenges. He uses the tools of his trade to evaluate the structures, gauge dangers and offer opinions on how to deal with it.

History Channel: Sun, Apr 17, 9:00 PM Central “America’s Wake Up Call New”



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