Liquid Assets Documentary Project presented at ASCE-MN Section Meeting

Tom Eggum, Patti Craddock and Dave Hutton

The January Section meeting was hosted by the Legislative Committee.  Patti Craddock of Craddock Consulting Engineers who represents the Central States Water Environment Association, Tom Eggum of TKDA who represents the Minnesota Section of ASCE, and Dave Hutton of SRF who represents the Minnesota Public Works Association provided a review of the MN 2050 initiative.  They outlined this new initiative which is jointly sponsored by14 organizations.  The MN 2050 initiative hopes to provide information to aid engineers in educating policy makers and the public about the importance of our public infrastructure.  The goal is to develop materials ranging from hard facts to sound-bites and other understandable media-friendly messages to encourage engineers to get the critical word out…more often, more effectively, and enough to make the difference.  We need to educate our friends, communities and policy makers why investment levels for infrastructure must be adequate for maintenance of current systems, replacement of failing systems, and expansion of new systems to support our economy and quality of life.

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