Sponsors Needed to Fund Project that will Impact Water and Workers


The future of Minnesota’s most important natural resource, it’s water, is a subject near and dear to the heart of 49er Andrew Sullivan. A member of the City of Eden Prairie’s Water Department, Sullivan is volunteering his time to create awareness for the future of the state’s water supply.

Sullivan and others are working on producing a documentary entitled “Liquid Assets Minnesota” for Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) that strives to raise awareness about Minnesota’s critical water infrastructure, which includes drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer services.

“This project is important to all Minnesotans,” said Sullivan. “As volunteers we are doing everything from research to finding generous sponsors who want to help us make a difference.”

So far Blueprint Minnesota has raised $19,000 of the projected $30,000 to make the film. “Every bit helps. We aren’t doing this to turn a profit,” said Sullivan. “We are doing this as volunteers to make residents and business aware that our liquid assets are reaching a critical point where more education, conservation and support are needed.”

At www.blueprintminnesota.com, perspective sponsors can find more information about the project and discover other ways they can help. “As a 49er this project is very important to me,” said Sullivan. “With more attention comes more projects to keep our water systems protected. Those projects will put my fellow 49ers to work doing good things for Minnesota.”

Sponsoring this project is easy said Sullivan. “We have numerous funding levels, each with multiple sponsorship premiums,” he said. “Together we can fund this project and put it on the air to inform Minnesotans of the critical action necessary to sustain our precious water resources.”

Glen Johnson, business manager of Local 49 said he applauds the initiative taken by Sullivan and his team at Blueprint Minnesota. “This is a cause all Minnesotans should take seriously,” he said. “Andrew and the other producers are giving of their time to bring attention to a situation that may otherwise get overlooked. It’s that spirit of volunteerism and care for the environment that make me proud to be a fellow 49er. We all can do something to help this project.”

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