America’s Infrastructure: Seeing is Believing

“You must understand that seeing is believing; but also know that believing is seeing”


In all my years working in the Water and Sewer business …. NOTHING…. was better at making a point… more than…. the junk I had rolling around in the back of my work truck.

That’s right ….

Take for instance, that old rusty piece of water-main–sporting a hole the size of a silver dollar. Always an EXCELLENT show and tell piece to have around whilst explaining  to homeowners why their water service will be interrupted for the next 4-8 hours while you make an emergency repair.

OR …

That clunky 30 year old water meter I use for side by side comparisons against the new fangled water meters of today–no comparison really.

Stay with me here ….

Now, if you will …. imagine taking a rotten piece of 60 year old water-main onto the floor of the House of Representatives to illustrate why funding is so badly needed for our aging water and sewer infrastructure. Think it would work?

Absurd…… Right?

Well, I got news for you …  that’s exactly what  Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) did on Wednesday night, March 10!

Ted J. Rulseh sums up the event nicely in a blog piece entitled: “That pipe isn’t going to clean itself.”

We also managed to find the actual video footage!

Let’s see how it went:


Seeing the unseen …. making what is invisible …. visible.

This is the challenge of Infrastructure.

Difficult? Yes.

Impossible? No.

Andrew J. Sullivan

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