Building Awareness About MNs Critical Water Infrastructure

Let’s face it:
An intelligent and productive discussion about our critical water infrastructure will NEVER happen, if we don’t– at the very least– have a basic understanding about the VALUE of that infrastructure.

So, it goes with-out saying … then… that no REAL change can happen either!

It is as simple and as hard as that.

And make no mistake about the solution either:

Building awareness about the VALUE of Minnesota’s Critical Water Infrastructures (before stuff falls apart) IS the key to our success.

And when we talk about building awareness, we are talking everyone here: me, you, local leaders, politicians etc;

We all understand the infrastructure we can see, like when bridges fall down; or when a road falls apart. What Minnesota needs to worry about–and the sooner the better– are the things you do not see!

Like water-main/sewer-main/stormwater systems/treatment plants ….

Stay Tuned for more of the Minnesota Infrastructure story where you will get a rare glimpse at what is happening right under your feet!


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